Saturday, May 05, 2007

7 Random Facts About Me

I was checking out some scrapblogs last night and ran across this topic at random thoughts by becca. At the bottom, she said consider yourself tagged so...

1. I have 14 more days of school until summer vacation.
2. I always keep my toenails polished and my fingernails are rarely done. If they are, odds are, they don't match my toes.
3. I didn't have a cell phone until a couple of years ago when my mom had a stroke and spent several weeks in the hospital. I still hate them.
4. Today I'll be doing the weekly shopping with a 2 year old. I dread doing the WalMart stuff the most.
5. I only like coffee if I have flavored creamer to put in it.
6. I have stacks of books everywhere. They are my weakness and I've ran out of places to put them.
7. Despite the problem listed above I made a trip to Books A Million this week and also bought several more books on ebay this week.

If you've read this, consider yourself tagged.

1 comment:

Magpie9759 said...

I've already been tagged, but wanted to say I enjoyed your random facts, and also I love your blog banner. Very cute!