Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Matchbook Quote Album

I made this matchbook album recently to be a place to collect all the feminine words of wisdom that I've been collecting for years. The papers and most of the embellishments are from the Rob & Bob series. I just love the mini file folders that they make. Inside the one on the cover I write about this being the place that I'm gathering the quotes that inspire me. Some of the quotes will be art related like the first one that's shown here. Some will just be for fun - I love some of the things that Mae West said so I know she'll turn up inside my book.

My plan is to keep the pages inside fairly flat and simple like the first page here.
I had fun practicing my calligraphy (I can really tell I haven't done any for a while) and my doodling. The lettering was done with a Zig Calligraphy pen and all the rest was done with a mixture of Pitt brush pens and fine tip markers. The paper is more Rob & Bob.

This quote just had to be the first one. I love practically everything Maya Angelou has ever written but this quote seemed perfect because of it's creative nature.

My pattern for this book along with the complete directions will soon appear at


Melissa said...

You are SO creative, can you bottle the artisticness (is that even a word) and share! What a great little book!!

Anonymous said...

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