Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 2 of the 21 Day Challenge

I've let myself get behind on something I've committed myself to yet again. It seems like the story of my life. I really want to do this though so I'm going to try to get myself caught up. It may take a couple of days though.

Here's my Day 2 post. Again, I used Rhonna's image in my entry. It's in the top left corner. The rest is just my doodling. Pattern papers are from DCWV's retro collection. All inkwork is with a brown Pitt fine tip and I tried out some new pencils that I bought a couple years back. Yeah, I know that sounds stupid. I'm an art supply hoarder. I bought these because of the cool leather zipper case they come in. It's so nice! It's a pack of 48 and they are from a company in Holland called Bruynzeal. I really like them but maybe not as much as my Prismacolors. The lead is a bit drier and sounds scratchier on the paper than P's does. They seem to keep a sharp tip a bit longer so that's one definite advantage. I didn't have to resharpen a single time while working on this.