Sunday, July 22, 2007


I did this one last night. I can't believe I was scrappin' when my new Harry Potter book had been screaming "read me" all day. It's super simple. I just wish I could have found a photo of Frank when he was tiny. I know I took some but I don't have my digital photos organized by anything but date and I got tired of looking for it.

I used a template by Teriann Hanks along with papers and elements from Dianne Rigdon's Calypso kits. Other items used are Live Out Loud alphabet by Michelle Underwood, Got Ya Cornered photo corners by MandaBean and 2 Peas Rickety font.

The journaling reads:
Alec got Franklin when he was around the size of a quarter. He has been living in the aquarium with the fishies for over a year now. Tonight Alec discovered he was a snapper so we let him go free in a nearby ditch. July 21st, 2007

Luckily Frank didn't hurt Alec, he just snapped at a pencil he was holding. He had Frank out where he had been drawing. We've all played with him, even Hannah, and he never bit anyone. But we decided it was better to be safe. I hope Frank adapts well to being out in the world.

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