Friday, June 29, 2007

A Couple of Altered Notebooks

I made both of these last week and just didn't get around to posting them here. The one that says scrappy stuff is to go by my computer. It's to help me keep track of the stuff I need or want to do. I used a steno pad for this and the papers are some old stuff that I had laying around. The white rubons were the only thing fairly new. I used a sticker label I messed up as a template to cut my own here. I'm already using it quite a bit.

The other is about twice the size and it has the cool quad paper inside. I did it to tote to workshops this summer. Each year I practically fill a whole one with notes and drawings (mostly drawings) during the sometimes boring teacher workshops I have to sit through. I look forward to adding more doodles to the cover. I got my first chance to use it yesterday. I even got a few oohs and ahhhs from my fellow art teachers in attendance.

thanks for looking!

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