Sunday, June 29, 2008

Challenging Myself

In an effort to make myself get back on track with both scrappin' and blogging I've challenged myself to make something based on each of the four sketches in the Premiere Issue of Scrap N'Art. I have had the ezine downloaded to my computer for a while now but just took a look at it this morning. It seems to be quite wonderful and it's FREE.

Just looking at the cover made me want to explore it from cover to cover. I rarely have that kind of impulse with an online magazine. I'm addicted to actual scrapbook magazines that I can hold in my hands but I found that this zine is awesome too. I'd love to see more digital scrapbooking in there since I've crossed over to the dark side now but hopefully it will be there with the next issue.

I decided to tackle the card sketch first since I have been thinking about making an anniversary card for Blake. I did a little changing but stuck to the original sketch pretty well. Here's the front of the card -

and this is what will be inside -

Now if I can just get my mini printer to work I'll put the card together so I can give it to him tomorrow night.

The front of my card is based on Linda Lou's card sketch in the premiere issue of Scrap N' Art. I made the background paper by merging Folded and Lined Overlay by Gunhild Storeide with green paper from the Doodly Patterns paper by Weeds and Wildflowers Design. I set the opacity at around 40%. The peach rickrack comes from MLW Custom Designs' Spring Out Loud and the green from Royanna Fritschmann's Bunniboo Elements. The cool flowers are from Doodly Patterns and the lettering is Black Lace Letters, both by Weeds and Wildflowers Design also (They are one of my favorites, can you tell?). The Scalloped Frames are from Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz. The front card uses 2Peas Fiddlesticks and Ditzy fonts and the inside uses 2Peas Ditzy and Madammoiselle.

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shabby*girl said...

Hello, Melissa!
You posted a message on my blog regarding the Caran D'Cache Neocolor ll crayons. I ordered mine through the online art store, Dick Blick. I purchased a set of 30 and am quite pleased with the variety of colors...I do not need any more than this, but I love them so much that eventually, I will add to my collection by purchasing the singles at $1.45 each. They are smooth, creamy and vibrant! It's a personal preference, of course, but these are now my favorite art tools! ~Missy