Friday, April 21, 2006

Playing Tag

5 things:

in my fridge
1. Cherry Garcia
2. Carnation French Vanilla Creamer
3. Delmonte Tropical Fruit
4. Strawberries
5. Fat Free Cool Whip

in my closet
1. a portfolio of old artwork
2. the dress I wore to prom this year
3. my new girly halter tops I haven't had the nerve to wear
4. jeans in every size but the one I need right now
5. tons of shoes

in my purse
1. the paperback book I'm reading
2. my cell phone
3. 2 check books
4. approximately $40 in cash
5. a Clinique compact

in my car
1. diapers for Hannah
2. Alec's backpack
3. my sunglasses and reading glasses
4. the new Disturbed CD that Travis gave me
5. a pair of flip flops

on my TiVo (assuming i had TiVo)
I don't watch TV much so I have no need for this.